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The Circle

Become part of a loving community where you can practice being all of yourself, share your heart, and learn how to have deeply nourishing relationships.

With the rise of social media, we have the potential to connect with more people than ever – and yet somehow most of us are less connected, both with ourselves and with others. We have more superficial relationships, and less authentic ones.

Many of us have grown up being told how we should feel and who we should be. On top of this, we’ve had various life experiences that created stored emotional pain, since we never learned how to process our feelings and were taught not to feel them.

All of this creates the way we view our lives and gets in the way of having truly nourishing relationships with others.

The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our life.

There is no bigger marker for a fulfilled, healthy life than the quality of community we have around us, where we feel seen, loved, and free to be ourselves.

My husband Jordan and I are both relationship coaches with 15+ years of experience between the two of us. After years of working with people 1:1 and in groups in our separate businesses, we decided to come together and create The Circle, to teach you everything we know about having better relationships.

The Circle gives you the opportunity to connect with other people doing similar work on themselves, exploring their stories and their emotions and growing every day.

It also gives you the tools to create similar community in your own life, in a romantic relationship that fulfills you, and relationships with friends, coworkers, and family members that feel smooth and connected.

The secret is that The Circle connects you more with yourself. When you understand what your needs are in relationship and what inside of you might be preventing you from having better ones, your external world will transform.

The Circle includes:

The Circle has been going since January 2023, so when you join, you receive the recordings of everything that has happened so far, plus access to all the upcoming live events.

The Circle is a monthly membership, with no commitment. We trust that you will stay the amount of time that is best for you.