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My name is Demetra and I am a writer, guide, speaker, creator, daughter, wife, sister, somewhat of a homesteader, and hopefully, a soon-to-be mother.

I live with my husband Jordan on a tiny little island off the coast of British Columbia, where the beaches are rocky, the ocean is cold, and the Earth is just stunningly beautiful.

My Life has led me through many deep pockets of grief, including a period of 7 years in my early twenties when it felt like it was just loss after loss after loss, life crashing down and falling apart on me, and me trying to navigate myself through it.

If you want to get to know me better, I'd suggest beginning with my podcast…

… a reflection from many people has been that it feels like “voice messages from a friend” and this is my intention, just to share my process and my life and what I have learned with you there.

Through many different businesses, identities, countries, trainings, experiences… all of this has led me to offer you what you see here.

My favorite way to connect is through email, and that is the place where you will receive letters from me and stay updated with everything I am creating.