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My name is Demetra and I am a writer, guide, creator, daughter, wife, sister, somewhat of a homesteader, and hopefully, a soon-to-be mother.

I live with my husband Jordan on a tiny little island off the coast of British Columbia, where the beaches are rocky, the ocean is cold, and the Earth is just stunningly beautiful.

My life has led me through many deep pockets of grief, including a period of 5 years in my early twenties when it felt like it was just loss after loss after loss, life crashing down and falling apart on me, and me trying to navigate myself through it.

I believe that we are meant to know ourselves deeply & express ourselves fully.

When we are young, we learn ways of being that don’t necessarily serve us as adults. On top of that, we’ve had so many life experiences that we haven’t fully felt. The more we get to know these parts of ourselves and help them heal, the more we get closer to who we really are. We become more capable of knowing what we want and creating that in the world around us. 

This work is a lifelong journey, since we are ever-changing. It’s kind of like slowly pulling apart an endless ball of thread, looking at all the different curves and knots. But when we are doing it, when we are in alignment with the flow of life around us, suddenly the thread unwinds with more ease, and we realize we can weave it into the most beautiful cloth. 

My husband Jordan and I guide people through this work in our membership The Circle, and I also work with people in groups & 1:1, both online and in person. 

If you’d like to work with me, send me an email: demetra@demetragray.com.