“You post some weird shit”

Two things I hear frequently: “You post some weird shit” and “I’ve never shared this with anyone before.”

I think they’re related because I often hear them together. Something along the lines of: “Thank you so much for listening. I used to judge you for the stuff you posted but I’m not going to now and I’m so glad I reached out.”

I don’t mind being judged. I mind that *the way the world is* causes me to be judged – that’s not fun – but I do expect it from people.

Someone said to me the other day, incredulously, mockingly: “You think posting photos of your blood is going to change the world???”

I don’t just think that; I know it. I know it because of the messages I get in my inbox from women saying: thanks, you showed me how to start loving my period too.

I know it because of the people I coach – both men and women – telling me they feel more comfortable telling me their scariest fears and desires and traumas because they know I won’t judge them.

I know it because the more I embody my work, and the more I challenge the world and myself, the more deeply I am able to hold people through their own processes.

I know it even because I know that if this isn’t your first month seeing my blood posts, I know you’re no longer shocked by it the way you were the first time.

Even if you don’t like it, even if you’re tired of it, you’re no longer shocked – which means my blood has become a litttle bit more “normal” to you.

That’s how change happens, anyway. Incrementally. Subtly. Slowly.

Women deserve to be totally in love with our own bodies, to know our cycles are amazing. And we deserve men (and other women!!) who can respect this.


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