You can report us

You can report us.

You can follow us just to harass us.

You can send us violent and abusive comments.

You can tell your children not to be associated with us.

You can feel alarmed, terrified, or angry.

You can shut us out, or send criticism.

We will still fucking be here.

We will learn to set stronger boundaries than ever.

We will connect with nature more than ever.

We will moan and scream and release and process all of the pain our ancestors have been repressing forever.

We will become more powerful than ever.

We will get our periods on the exact day of the full moon, or the new moon – or never or whenever.

We will smear the blood on our faces, if we want to.

We will do anything with our bodies that we want.

We will do whatever pleases us, and put our own pleasure first and foremost.

We will not write “pl€@sure” and “s€x” instead of pleasure and sex, to hide from the algorithms. Ever.

We will not confine our language to be considered “appropriate.”

We will not play inside the lines.

We will play with ours – and ours are ever-expanding.

Instagram can remove us, Facebook can remove us. You can remove us from your lives.

We will just spend our energy in other places.

We will write and create and exist.

We will find other platforms until there are no more platforms left to be found.

We don’t need platforms, because the right people find us and connect with us just by us existing.

We know the magic of that. We know it well.

We will move fucking freely.

We will let our bodies writhe and shake and cut off the plastic wrap of societal existence.

We will become louder.

And louder.

And louder.

We will tell all of our stories. Especially the ones society says not to say out loud.

Especially those ones.

We will live our lives out loud.

We will dedicate all of our time to becoming more of who we truly are.

More of what we truly are.

More of nature. More of the entire universe.

We will embrace all of life.

We will not be reactive, and we will not be quiet.

Nothing you can do will harm us or calm us down.

We know the state the world is in.

We consider it an emergency, a disaster, and perfect, all at the same time.

We will take everything thrown at us, and transform it into our own energy.

It will be a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of dirt and glitter and the pain of the planet, and we will dance around in it.

We will not be bothered by it.

And we will give our lives to transform it.

Welcome to the age of the Witch.


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