Why taking risks is so important

I’ve been strengthening this muscle for a long time, of being uncomfortable and taking risks.

When I went to 4 different universities and quit all of them. When I traveled the world by myself. When I started a business and sold it at 22. When I stopped wearing makeup and learned to love my body. When I left “good enough” relationships. ⁣

It’s not something that happens overnight. ⁣

And …. it won’t happen at all if you don’t practice it. ⁣

The real secret is that you just have to do it. ⁣

You have to make the choice. ⁣

You have to decide that you trust yourself. ⁣

You have to decide that you trust life. ⁣

People get stuck in boring lives that make them miserable and look the same as everybody else’s because they let their stories run the show. ⁣

They feel too afraid. And they let that win. ⁣

You can teach your body that you’re allowed to have what you want by taking risks.⁣ By saying the hard thing. By wearing the outfit. By leaving the commitment.

In doing this, you’re teaching your body that you actually *will not die* from choosing yourself and trusting your life. ⁣

If you’ve never entered the gym, your first time lifting weights is gonna feel super scary and strange and difficult. ⁣

And then you adapt slowly, until it becomes fun and sometimes challenging, but in the best way. ⁣

That’s what self growth is like. That’s what listening to your intuition is like. That’s what trusting everything is like. ⁣

You have to start somewhere. It will feel terrifying and it might even hurt and you’ll wonder if you’ve made the wrong decision every time and then it will be the best. ⁣


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