The moments when I am most impressed by masculinity

The moments when I am most impressed by masculinity are when I see men being willing to step into all sides of themselves. ⁣

When I watch their tears. ⁣

When I hear what they are afraid of. ⁣

It makes an entire part of my body come online and say: this is brave. This is a man I can trust. This is a man who allows me to relax and surrender into my own femininity. ⁣

The deepest fear of a lot of my male clients is that they’ll be seen as weak. ⁣

Sometimes I say, “what would it mean if you were weak?”⁣

They often don’t know at first – but underneath it is usually a fear of not being respected and loved. ⁣

Because real men are strong, right?⁣

Men not feeling allowed to express intense emotion – whether that’s anger, sadness, or fear – negatively impacts all of us. ⁣
I don’t want a partner who feels he can’t show certain sides of himself. It makes me feel unsafe – because if he can’t express all of himself, how can I feel free to express all of myself with him?⁣

What if we committed to expressing all sides of ourselves, together?

What if we committed to being more fully well-rounded humans, with our messiness and irritations and grief?⁣

The only people who think it’s unattractive to see other people display emotion … are people who are uncomfortable with their own emotions. ⁣

You can be weak and still be very lovable. And at the same time, showing emotion isn’t weak. True power, confidence, and strength comes from vulnerability – not from pretending vulnerability doesn’t exist. ❤️


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