Where it’s really at for me are the quiet moments

People will try to sell you hot sex⁣

And that’s great⁣

But where it’s really at for me are the quiet moments. ⁣

Where you are sitting in sweatpants and dirty hair and hot sauce all over your mouth and he says, “I love your body so much.”⁣

Where you are cuddling up and going to sleep and caressing one another’s bodies in the gentlest ways that make you each feel the most loved. ⁣

Where you are fighting and feel the deep, unshakable trust that you will get through the fight and end up deeper, stronger, with even more respect for one another on the other side⁣

Where you can share your desire and he meets it⁣

Where you can share your fears and she whole-heartedly receives them⁣

Where appreciation is the foundation of your relationship⁣

Where love and affection are never put on the back burner⁣

Where tears of past wounding are shared with one another⁣

Where your needs are fully and completely beyond met. Where you think “this, too?! What a bonus”⁣

Where you are hysterically laughing so much you cannot sleep⁣

Where you get the hot sex, too. And you also get the gentle sex. The mundane sex. The sex where you end up in tears of joy and tears of release and where you feel so safe you just feel like one body. ⁣

And all of that is simply the cherry on top of the deep and filling nourishment the relationship itself provides. ⁣


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