When I was younger I used to go into the ocean and ask the ocean to take me away

When I was younger I used to go into the ocean and ask the ocean to take me away. ⁣

I would give my sadness, say please, take me, to where I imagined other worlds were, in the depths of the sea⁣

4 years ago I went to the ocean in Paros, Greece⁣
I visited her, made offerings every single day for a month⁣
It was at this time that I could feel my future life so potently⁣
I didn’t know what it would look like, but I could feel the bigness of it, feel what was possible⁣
And I asked the ocean every day to show me. ⁣

On the Sunshine Coast of BC, a few months after meeting Jordan, I met a very special ocean⁣
And she proceeded to hold us through giant transitions and deaths. ⁣
Every time I visited her I left with something changed. ⁣
I am ready for a house, I told her⁣
And the last time I saw her⁣
I had the house⁣

Another ocean, right on my moon line, I told the story of my life to right before I got engaged ⁣

Today it has felt like an energetic psychedelic trip coming to an end. ⁣
It took me until this afternoon to start to feel landed, like I was finally grounded again. ⁣
I still feel way way way out⁣
But like I am rooted way down at the same time⁣
In a new version of me⁣
In a new life. ⁣

A new timeline. ⁣

So there was nowhere else to go but the ocean ⁣
And as I stood in her⁣
My first time immersed in the waters of our island⁣

I felt all the other moments ⁣
All my life happening at once⁣
All the times I have stood in the ocean, wanting⁣
And I felt I am here ⁣
I am with you ⁣
I have arrived. ⁣

I am ready ⁣

And I began to sing ⁣
A song of thank you⁣
And of grief⁣
And of thank you. ⁣

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