What I want to remember: a prayer for masculine and feminine union

What I want to remember⁣

More of my warrior is what is needed⁣
My scream, my strength, my not standing for anything less ⁣
Calling forth his highest version of himself⁣

Offering him the earth as a gift. My sensuality, my dancing, purring, growling, stomping, moaning. ⁣

My full, total, uninhibited expression. ⁣

Soothing his system with that energy through my eyes. Through sound. Through movement. Through touch. ⁣

That I need him. ⁣

That he wants me to need him. ⁣

That ignoring these aspects of myself is like telling the ocean, the dirt, the trees that they are not valuable, not worth it. ⁣

That I have the power to open in every single moment ⁣
To be penetrated just by his energy. ⁣

That he was brought to tears just from witnessing me expressing earth through my body⁣
Just from me being the deepest part of myself⁣

That he can fuck me open while we are not touching⁣
That I can express to him, call him to shift his energy without saying a word⁣

That we can play with the edge of my triggers. That it is my responsibility to open, even in them⁣

That he can bring me to depths I cannot even begin to imagine, yet. ⁣
That we are sitting on mountains of gold. Mountains of barely touched power, the two of us. ⁣
That I am committed to exploring this, increasing this union with him forever. ⁣

That I am utterly devoted to this energy, expressing it through myself. ⁣

This is my prayer ⁣

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