We are nature & the earth is not grieving

I am actually super unattached to whether we get ourselves out of this mess we are in, as humanity.

Sometimes people see me talk about how I use plastic or am not that concerned with whether my choices are “sustainable” or eating meat and they interpret that as me not caring about the earth.

Which is so funny.

Because it is all that I care deeply about, really.

I just don’t pretend that whether I use a plastic straw today is going to have any real impact on anything.

It’s a cute feel-good dream but it’s not true.

Five years ago I learned about the realities of climate change. Like really, really learned and understood the path we are already on.

That we’ve been on since before I was even born.

I went through two weeks of intense grief. Crying every day.

And then I couldn’t bear it anymore so I did what I have always done since I was a little girl – I went out to the forest and sat at the base of the tree that called me and I listened.

I remember being in despair. Sobbing. Apologizing so deeply. Saying I am so, so sorry for what we have done to you.

And the tree was like – no, that’s not it.

And suddenly I was shown the story of humanity. Flash after flash of image after image.

Art and wars and creation and joy and so much pain.

And the tree was like, this is all perfect. You are actually just living out this story.

The earth will still be here after you are gone.

The earth does not need humans to survive.

And in that moment it really landed and I was like oh.

This is actually part of something so, so much bigger.

When people say the earth is grieving I often wonder if that is just their projection onto her.

Because the medicine that comes through me is that actually everything is perfect.

And actually there is no “wrong.”

Purity is a human idea.

We like to think that we warped this as humans and that we’re fucking everything up and it’s all wrong.

How adorable it is to imagine that we are that powerful.

I know this is an unpopular opinion but everything on earth is actually of the earth.

Meaning. Plastic and our buildings and Frosted Flakes come from the earth.

Someone commented on my post the other day “this is not what nature intended.”

And I was like – lol, you think you know what nature intended?

I hate to break it to you but WE ARE NATURE.

How could you claim that everything is not unfolding in exactly the way that it should?

I feel the earth deep within my body every single day.

I have always been able to hear the earth speak to me.

The plants and the mountains and the rocks and the waters.

And what she says to me is – this is all perfect.

You cannot mess it up.

And she shows me how she is holding us all. Orchestrating a bigger story.

We have this image of the things we need to do to make it go back to the way that it was and it is like – how do you know that the way it was is better?

The way we are headed has a lot of pain in it, no doubt.

I mean I hope it doesn’t but it looks to me like it does.

Like my children are going to have a drastically different planet to live on.

and maybe that is part of the end of humanity slowly killing itself.

or maybe not.

It actually makes no difference to me.

Because I am in service to Earth and she is always here.

I also trust life so much.

And I trust that the most magical crazy-seeming things can happen at any time.

I trust the unfolding of it all.

What I care about most is serving this connection inside of the humans that want it.

To deepen their relationship to Truth and to her.

Maybe it’s not important at all.

I’m not attached to it being important.

I only know that that is what I would give my life for.

And that is what I dedicate my life to.

The feeling of the way Earth holds me.

The way I am nourished and whipped around and woken up by the feminine.

Only following that pulse of life within me, the instinct that says what to do next.

All creatures have this.

Most of us just have lost our connection to hearing it.

And if you don’t want it that is perfect too.

But if you do

I am here.

And she is always here.


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