This love is all I want forever

This love is all I want forever. ⁣

This love where I can feel his sweetness and his softness⁣
Where he lays his head on my chest and I witness this part of him he does not show anywhere else⁣

This love where he fully trusts my desire and my knowing⁣

This love that is full of “you are so pretty” and “you are so handsome” a thousand times a day⁣

This love that holds the moments of hysterical laughter at nighttime and cuddles every morning⁣

This love where he takes care of me while I’m bleeding, making meals and running errands ⁣

This love where I trust his presence and his holding so deeply⁣

This love with his bright open eyes and staring into them with wonder⁣

This love that is so vulnerable, so terrifying, so I-hope-you-live-for-decades-so-we-can-always-be-together ⁣

This love that continually sheds our skins and brings us more into our fullest expressions of ourselves⁣
That demands nothing less than everything ⁣

This love that is held by magic, by something so much bigger than us⁣

This love that gives me the kindness I never even knew I was looking for⁣

This love that has us cuddling all day, burying heads into each other’s necks, saying “I am so in love with you” every hour⁣

This love that has only grown deeper and stronger over time, with every challenge, with every conflict⁣

This love that brings me to tears continuously out of gratitude that I get to experience it. In the knowing that even if I lost it tomorrow it would still be enough. ⁣

This love is the deepest thing I know to be true. ⁣
The proof of what happens when you follow your knowing and you trust life. ⁣

This is all I want, always. To grow forever with you. ⁣


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