They will tell you you are unclean, that your blood should not be talked about. ⁣

They will tell you to hide your body. That your body is inherently flawed, that all its lines and bumps and hairs need to be fixed. ⁣

They will tell you to be quieter. That you are just looking for attention, that you don’t know enough. ⁣

They will tell you to calm down. ⁣

They will tell you that your nipples are too sexual to be seen publicly, because you have the wrong kind of body, the kind that makes others want to violate you. ⁣

They will tell you that your needs don’t matter that much. That you should not have needs, because you should care more about others. ⁣

They will tell you that you should not touch your own body. That your pleasure is a sin, and that it is not for you. ⁣

They will tell you not to brag about yourself. They will tell you that you feeling good makes other people feel bad, and that is not their fault, it is yours. ⁣

They will tell you that your idea is good, but you are going about it in the wrong kind of way. ⁣

They will tell you all sorts of things, so that they do not have to face the truth of who they are and what they have become. ⁣

Do not listen. ⁣

This is what your blood is. ⁣

Wild, mysterious, enchanting, beautiful. ⁣

This is what your body is. ⁣

Natural. Full of pleasure. Strange and magical. ⁣

Repeat after me: ⁣

My body belongs to me. ⁣

My pleasure belongs to me. ⁣

I deserve all the pleasure in the world. ⁣

My body is beautiful. Not their fake idea of beautiful, either – it is gross and wild and full of life and fucking stunning. ⁣

My life belongs to me. ⁣I deserve to make my own choices.

I love you⁣


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