They have told you to hide it

They have told you to hide it.

They have told you to stuff it up, to let it turn brown before it leaves you, to not let the word pass your lips.

They have told you that your body functions just like a man’s —

— ignoring that your body takes a month to go through your process. He goes through his in a day.

Yours gives life.

Yours gives you two luxurious weeks of the month that are about softening, surrendering, slowing down.

They tell you it is disgusting. That it smells. That it is waste.

As if it is not the most potent creative force in all of existence.

As if it is not so precious that your body sheds and grows it anew, just as many times as the moon does in the sky.

They tell you that slowing down is unproductive.

As if your only value was to produce the things they deem significant.

Do not forget that your body is the life-giver.

Do not forget that you are allowed to cycle through, to BE in each phase of your cycle.

Do not forget that you have choice.

You are earth embodied.

Your body literally creates beauty out of itself.


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