There is no word for the way

You would feel

When watching a 30-foot wave

crash to shore


There is no word for standing

at the top of a mountain

The air quiet

No humans around

your existence


There is no word

For way it might land in your body

To witness the messy, gory


Birth of a child


There is no word

For how you might feel

When watching the immensity

Of a forest fire

As it gulps down all in front of it


There is no word

For standing in the middle

Of the largest thunderstorm

For being next to

A giant waterfall

Or for feeling the winds

Through your body

That push over every tree


There is no word


For the power of the feminine.


You might try awe

Which is something

But that doesn’t have enough weight to it

You might try wonder

But that’s even more light,


You might try beauty

But lots of things are beautiful

You might try power

But that feels like governments

You might try force

But force feels a bit pushy


There is no word for the sensation

For the knowing in your body

That you could tear everything down


That you are an embodiment

Of that fierceness

That exists in the earth


Our language cannot hold

The vastness of you


It feels out of reach

Because our language

Does not give you words to express it


And that is the sneakiest form

Of suppression.


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