There are so many women getting lip injections

There are so many women getting lip injections. ⁣

Botox. Nose jobs. Boob jobs. Fat injected into their butts. Labia cut and shortened and bleached. ⁣

We have moved so far from what is real. ⁣

We no longer Value the real. ⁣
The true. ⁣

My favorite parts of Jordan’s face are the unique parts. ⁣
The spot on his eye that is slightly darker than the rest. His pores showing on his cheeks. The pigmentation on his upper lip that’s not all the way filled in. The lines around his eyes that deepen when he smiles. ⁣

I often look at his face and I study every tiny inch of it, wanting to etch it into my memory forever. ⁣
The face of the person that I love. ⁣

When I look at my own face I sometimes have the same moments that everybody else does. Why is my skin doing this, I don’t like this. ⁣

But when I truly feel myself, the parts of myself I love the most are the same ones. ⁣
If I were about to die those are the parts I would want back. The deep lines already forming across my forehead. The scars on different parts of my skin. The scar on my chest. The stretch marks. The bump on my nose and the shape of my face. ⁣

When I was in my teens I used to hate my upper lip, wished it was bigger. Wondered how I would look if my nose were smaller. ⁣

Now I love these parts of my face.
They are what make me look like me. ⁣
Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think, there is no one more beautiful to me, than me. ⁣

I have a husband who is obsessed with my upper lip, with my nose, with my face shape. He is obsessed with my eyebrows, with their size and shape and how they are just naturally that way. ⁣

I was thinking last night how sad it would be if Jordan’s skin was perfectly baby tight and smooth and the same all over. He wouldn’t look like him. ⁣

When we try to change all of these things we lose the beauty of what is most real. ⁣

And everyone ends up looking the same. ⁣
I can spot the lip injections and I am just like, why? It looks ridiculous. You cease to look like a person and instead there is this cookie cutter woman.

ou gain the accepted societal Barbie doll type of beauty⁣
And you lose the magic of the beauty that can only come from embodying and radiating your own particular features that you’ve been given in this lifetime. ⁣

They are different and they are felt. By the people who can truly feel. ⁣

So many people try to dress it up as self love. ⁣
“Don’t judge women for doing what they want to do!!!!”⁣

You can do whatever you want. And I support people being able to do what they want. ⁣
Let’s just call it what it is though. ⁣

It is the same as the difference between living a life based on your goals, what your mind wants, what you think you should have ⁣
And ⁣
Living a life led by truth. ⁣

When you are led by truth you get your mind out of the way and you surrender to the life that Life wants you to have. ⁣
You follow the next true thing and you are willing to see what life has in store for you. ⁣

It’s not that one is better than another. ⁣
There are many ways to live and people have their different paths. ⁣

I was saying to my ladies in Dirt yesterday that it is easy to look at my life and think that I tried to get myself here. ⁣
The husband and the house and the money and the business. ⁣

It can look very similar on the outside. ⁣
But it is actually entirely different. ⁣

I did not “manifest” this life or “set my goals” and “work towards it.”⁣
I died a million times and I followed what was true even when I didn’t like it or think that was what I wanted. ⁣

And life led me into the most perfect life for me that I could ever have imagined.

If I had the life my mind wanted a few years ago I would be a skinny powerlifting sex coach in LA giving TED talks wearing tight black designer clothes and being famous. ⁣

There is no wrong way. ⁣
But there is in alignment and out of alignment with the truth. ⁣

Fake beauty feels the same way as a fake life. ⁣
At the end of the day it is all performance. ⁣

But the juice of a true life ⁣
True beauty embodied⁣

You know it when you feel it. ⁣
And for those that can feel there is no other way. ⁣


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