The wisdom of fire

Today in embodiment in one of my programs we played around with the energy of burning. 

And the difference between external outrage

and internal rage. 

My Facebook has been having this glitch where it’s mostly only showing posts from people I’ve unfollowed. 

It’s been like a weird time warp where the only energy I can feel there is my two years ago self. 

I have been astounded. It is a whole different world. Women acting like children, flinging their activation all over the place, professing their hatred of men and the patriarchy (which to them seem to be interchangeable), men getting vasectomies “in support” of women, it’s a wild place out there. 

It’s like an angry teenager throwing little balls of fire all over the place to cause commotion. Hoping something catches fire. When really they just burn hot and go out before they ever even touch the ground. 

It’s different, to feel the energy of fire itself. 

To feel a forest fire inside of yourself. 

From that place – in any circumstance – rage is never directed outwardly. 

There are times when it might look that way from the outside – setting a boundary, or in protection, or sharing how you are feeling – but it is a very different energetic. 

Anything spoken outwardly is just an expression of the internal. 

And it is clean and sharp. 

And self responsible. 

Fire just is. 

Inside the energy of fire itself it is quite calm. It is a knowing. 

It is not “ahhhhhh fuck everybody I have to go do things!!!!!!!!!”

It is this is what I know to be true inside myself. 

It has never been more obvious to me that the power of the internal is what shifts the external. 

Again – the external only shifts in response to your internal state of being. 

Fire doesn’t need to recruit. 

It IS. 

It burns away what should no longer be there *inside of itself*

And it clears room for new to grow. 

The internal energy gets bigger and it changes the external by its presence. 

This is true power. 

It’s actually quite grounded and quiet. 


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