The moon does not say sorry

The trees do not feel attached to their beauty.

The wind does not whine about how many people don’t like it.

The flowers do not plan meticulously how they will bloom each season.

The rain does not feel upset that it’s been coming down too long.

Winter does not care about how many things she kills.

The mushroom does not spend its time worrying about having the perfect shape.

The moon does not say I’m sorry for leaving

The sun does not apologize for burning


Your body

Is not different than these things.


You, too, have the internal rhythm. The cycles.

The Knowing.

That the earth has.


Our culture is the opposite of this.

So many of the women who apply to my programs put themselves in a box.

They put themselves in a box because our culture puts them in a box.

And they think they need to show up perfect and put together.




In my spaces you unravel.

We take down the box.

And return you to your deepest nature.

The part of you that knows what is True.

She will not abandon you.


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