The massive call of the earth – that is me

“Like a primitive, shrieking banshee call,” she said. ⁣

“That’s the energy I want to feel more, from you.”⁣

I pretended to feel confused, for a moment. ⁣

I thought, she’s wrong. That’s not the energy I need.

But it wasn’t confusion. It was avoidance. And I could feel the truth in my body. ⁣

Later, we were asked to express this energy to our partners. ⁣

I faced Jordan, arms outstretched, body open. ⁣

My breath deepened. ⁣

Trembling. ⁣

And then I closed my eyes, and I let it out. ⁣

The highest-pitched scream I had ever heard come out of my mouth. ⁣

He stayed steady, still, unwavering. ⁣

My body tremored, feeling his presence and love. ⁣

Tears ran down my cheeks. ⁣

I did it again, longer this time, even louder. ⁣

And again. ⁣

And again. ⁣

I could feel the threads of my past – my irritated little girl energy. ⁣

This is what she is hiding, I thought. ⁣

This fucking massive power that wants to run through my system. ⁣

Really? More? was the thought I had this morning, showing her. ⁣

Who wants to hear that?⁣

The earth, that’s what. ⁣

And apparently, my partner. ⁣

The rest of the night I felt my energy expanding, deepening. ⁣

Spreading. ⁣

An opening of OH. ⁣

THIS is me. ⁣

Not the petulant avoidant little girl. ⁣

This shrieking, calling the earth through her fingertips energy. ⁣

This massive call. ⁣

That is me. ⁣


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