The mandates ended in BC today

Today the mandates ended in BC. 

For 7 months we have not been able to go to restaurants, movie theaters, gatherings, or generally participate in most of enjoyable society. 

This was a form of pressure and for a lot of people it worked. 

It would never work for us. 

I would never abandon my knowing for pleasure. 

I would never abandon the truth of my body because of coercion. 

And it was hard. 

To feel so isolated from society. 

To feel like there were places we could not go. 

To try to enter somewhere and them to say give us your pass, this pass that shows you have had a medical procedure done. 

It actually completely blew my mind to watch people doing this, mindlessly opening up their passes like this was an ok thing to do. 

There have been multiple times I have been brought to tears. 

Once when I ordered takeout and was asked to wait for it outside in the freezing cold because I was one of those people. 

Once when I was so excited to go to the Christmas market and got to the door and was not allowed inside. 

Once two days ago when a restaurant I really wanted to try would not do takeout so I wouldn’t get to have it. 

And many, many other times where it felt like a tiny little jab to my body – no you can’t have that, no you can’t go there, no you can’t do that. 

They don’t serve people like you. 

You’re not allowed to go there. 

I was prepared to never go to a restaurant again honestly and that was a price I was willing to pay. 

Not happy to. 

But willing. 

I still remember stumbling upon the protest a couple months ago and sobbing at the feeling of being in a crowd of people who felt welcoming to me. 

Let me be absolutely clear: it is fucked up to treat people this way. 

Generations will look back at this time of society and see how badly we got it wrong. 

Regardless of your decision on whether or not you wanted the procedure it is not ok to try to force people into doing something medically to their body they do not want to do. 

Full fucking stop. 

Our way of relating to our bodies and our health has also never been more apparent. 

Take this pill, get this shot, do “the right thing” that is the latest narrative of what makes you a good person

Don’t question it or supplement or find alternatives or trust or build your immune system 

Just do what we tell you. 

Or you will be isolated. 

For “the safety of others.”

I personally don’t spend time wondering about conspiracy but I do think there is a lot of incompetency and a lot of egos running the show. 

Most people live from a place of fear. Most people are very easily convinced by what the news injects into them. 

The news that is also run by egos and fear and clicks and money, really. 

I was alarmed honestly by my body’s reaction to going in public without a mask when the masks dropped last month. 

It felt like the equivalent of being in the grocery store naked. 

I don’t think we have any clue of the extent of what the last two years have done to us. To the way we relate to other people, to groups, to our nervous systems, our children. 

I don’t know that “safety” is worth that cost

There are still things we cannot do

We cannot board a plane

And they may switch it back again

But for now I am so grateful to be able to exist in public with other human beings. 

I really missed restaurants. 

Alone and with others. 


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