The earth longs to be seen by us

The earth longs to be seen by us.

Not seen with your eyes. Not like “oh, that’s a pretty tree.”

It longs to be felt.

Deep inside your body.

To be recognized as another being.

Each tree.

The mud.

Each branch, leaf, bug, body of water.

They want you to feel them.

To open and allow them in.

To allow for an energetic exchange.

We don’t only get things from the earth.

It is reciprocal.

Every time I speak with a tree, I give to it, too.

By my seeing.

By my recognition.

By my emotion, my laughter, my tears, my existence.

In connection.

Don’t ignore the exquisiteness of your attention.

Everything has something to share with you.

They are waiting to share with someone who will listen.


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