the crows, unconcerned, will be happy to eat our bodies when they fall

Queen of the underworld

She ate pomegranate, took the darkness inside her

She became it


The crows, unconcerned

will be happy to eat our bodies when they fall


The earth is responding

She is hitting reply to the rape

She is posting about the amount of destruction


She is not angry, just giving back

equal energy



they think they are so special, so precious

but viruses, they live here too

The water lives here too

The plates of the earth

they live here, too


Let me cause an earthquake

Let me burn down forests

Let me choose between looking at stars or looking at apartments

Let me feel cars on my belly, inhale the



you opened Pandora’s box, now

drink it in


There have always been times of mass extinction

but they will pretend it is not a symptom of that


Where are whispers of your shadow

Where are the pieces of your being you’ve been avoiding

Where are the pieces of you that love this drama

Where is the delicious piece of you

that craves playing the game


Until you own that you like it

it won’t go anywhere

Deny it and it hides, gets stronger


We will play out the symphony til the very end

a wild ride, this one


Sit in what you have created


Humans have a penchant for beauty, at least

it’s been more entertaining than the dinosaurs


I sit in hot water and cannot get warm

I smell garlic on my fingertips

I touch my hair


The earth is at peace


Will they learn to work together

to listen

to live

or will they carry on, moaning about their


… pain


Doesn’t matter to her

The flowers are still blooming

Daffodils, with their seductive scent


Will bees come back, if more humans die?


I am noticing people wanting to feel sorry for themselves

I heard bacteria love global warming


Where is the elemental pleasure

The water, the tree bark, the nectar

the dark the light

the dark the light

the dark

the light

When will they wake up from this dream


Matter, is not that solid


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