Tell your partner when you self-pleasure. Not because he owns your body, but because you do

Tell your partner when you self-pleasure

Not because he owns your body, but because you do.


Touch yourself slowly, deeply, lovingly

Have long orgasms, and quick ones

Spend hours, spend seconds

Soak your sheets.


Say, I’m going to self pleasure in the other room, now

Not because I don’t love you

but because I love myself, and sometimes

I want to remind myself that my pleasure belongs to me

and I want to tell you, because it’s not a dirty secret

It’s a thing I do to take care of my energy


Say, today I self-pleasured

because it is my responsibility to fill myself up

with sex

and when I have enough for myself, that’s when

I have more to share with you


Say, I know you’ve been feeling less sexual this week

and I had five orgasms and it was great

and I loved the opportunity to connect with my body



Say, your pleasure belongs to you

and mine belongs to me

and we both deserve to touch our bodies whenever we need


Say, when I orgasm

I imagine all the things I want

and I receive them


Say, today I touched my body

and reminded myself

that I do not belong to you


Say, today I touched myself

I watched porn

This is the kind of porn I like

These are the fantasies I have

I’d love if you ever wanted to experience them with me

or not


Say, today I touched myself

and I had this kind of orgasm that I’ve never had before

and now that I understand my body better

I can tell you what I’d love for you to try


Say, when I give myself orgasms

I remember that my body is my own

I cry, sometimes

because I remember women have not known this for centuries

and if my grandmothers and their mothers

touched their own bodies

gave themselves pleasure

they could have been burned


Say, I touch myself because I can


Say, when I give myself pleasure

I remember I’m in control of my life

I remember I’m the entire universe in a body

I remember my body is mine

I remember I can do what I want

I remember my power is at my fingertips

I remember my body was created to experience pleasure

it is my birthright


Say, sometimes I enter myself

and I remember the men who didn’t listen

and I remember that they are not here now

and I moan, in reclamation


Say, sometimes I remember

how he told me I shouldn’t touch my body

without him there. How he thought my orgasm

was for him. How he wanted me to wait

and sometimes I listened

and sometimes I didn’t listen, but I felt guilty


Say, today I don’t feel like being sexual with you

but I do feel like being sexual

with myself

Thank you for understanding


Say, I tell my friends about my favorite sex toys

because we deserve it


Say, sometimes I scream your name

Sometimes I squirt all over the bed

Sometimes I have many orgasms

Sometimes I have one

Sometimes I touch my body gently

and I do not feel like an orgasm at all

Sometimes I use a toy

Sometimes I use my hand

Sometimes I like the way I taste

Sometimes I create elaborate fantasies that will never happen

Sometimes I think the entire universe is fucking me

I love being my body

Sometimes I imagine you


And yet, none of it belongs to you


Say, my body is my own

Say, my pleasure is my own

Say, I love my body and my pleasure


Say, this is how I celebrate


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