Something I love about Jordan is the way he will compliment other women

Something I love about Jordan is the way he will compliment other women

I know he does it when I’m not there but he also does it when I am. ⁣

He will tell them how they have the most amazing eyes⁣
How he likes their eyebrows ⁣
Or their makeup⁣
Or their outfit⁣
Or their presence ⁣

He will ask about their lives ⁣

It has zero leaky sexual energy ⁣

It always makes me giggle. ⁣

Because Jordan speaking to you is often so direct and so present that it catches people off guard ⁣

And sometimes the women look at me a little⁣
Like they don’t really know what to do⁣
Because it’s so foreign ⁣

To receive a compliment like that that is so clean. ⁣

I absolutely adore witnessing this. ⁣

It’s not just with women either – he does it with everyone. ⁣

But it is the women who impact me the most. ⁣

I don’t know why exactly.⁣

But it is a really beautiful thing. ⁣

And sometimes I wonder if at another point in my life I would not have been able to hold this. ⁣
I have actually never had much of an issue with jealousy. ⁣
It just has not been my thing. ⁣
(It happens ever, just rare)⁣

But I love watching someone’s face light up – the combination of flattered and also sometimes a little confused at the specificity of his comment. ⁣

“You have a really great eyebrow shape” he will say. ⁣

Or things along those lines ? ⁣

And I just enjoy it. ⁣


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