Here are some things you should know about me

Here are some things you should know about me:

I’m a witch. Not like a witch that knows any sort of “xyz banishing spell.” But I know things without knowing how I know them, I speak to trees and flowers and plants, and I innately know how to do things with blood and candles and pieces of my hair when it serves me. 

I love men. I see a huge problem in the world right now with women projecting their wounding with men all over the place so they don’t have to feel their own pain. 

I love men, and I have not hesitated to knee men in the balls when they cross the boundaries of me or my friends. Your “not all men” and “show me your pussy” are not welcome in my space.

My energy makes things explode. I’ve gone viral for literally being myself.

My energy shifts people’s lives dramatically, when they’re ready and willing to feel it. If you need someone who can see you super deeply, tell you the truth, and show you how you’re holding yourself back, I work with people 1:1. 

I talk a lot about masculine/feminine dynamics. I’m a cis-het, highly feminine-identified woman, and I speak from that perspective. Anyone is welcome in my spaces, but if you feel bothered by my pronoun use or how I only speak to that experience, I’m probably not a good fit for you. 

I support all humans in whatever form of identity and self-expression feels good to them. And, I don’t pretend I can hold every single person in a safe space. I can’t. My work is not for everybody. Not because it’s better and anyone who doesn’t like it isn’t good enough, but bc everything is not for everyone and that’s totally fine. You’ll never hear me say something like “all women are this way,” but I will speak to my experience of myself and what I see. You don’t have to like it.

I have Mercury conjunct Pluto in my 8th house in Scorpio. I have not shied away from my deepest trauma or pain and wherever you go, I will go there with you. Your stories are sacred to me. Your expression matters to me. 

If you start talking about being a “lightworker” or say things like “love and light!!” I will question what you are avoiding in your life.

I have become so attuned to Truth in my own body that anything that is not Truth in my life always gets removed, because I won’t tolerate it. If you are around me, I will see your truth. 

I’m really good at looking at my own triggers and my own wounding and I LIKE doing it. If I genuinely mess up I admit it and I do my best to repair the harm. 

I’m a white-bodied woman and I take that seriously. I’ve done anti-racism work in the past, I’m currently involved in anti-racism work, I donate to Black people & organizations. If you’re an “all lives matter” person, show yourself out. I also consider myself a baby in this work and know I’ll mess it up often and always try to do better. 

I feel like people vomit all their shit all over the internet while they ignore that THE EARTH IS LITERALLY DYING and people cling to their preconceived notions about what matters and don’t realize that literally everything they think has been conditioned into them. Basically nothing you believe in is real. No one knows what real is. If someone claims to know, they are lying to you.

That being said, if you don’t wear masks or are a conspiracy person then you’re the actual worst of the worst & I won’t like you either. 

I feel very at home in the contradictions in myself. The way I care so deeply about the earth but buy food wrapped in plastic. The way I want to live off the earth but like being in the city and buying expensive clothing. The way I feel bad for people who have less but would happily drop thousands of dollars on a pretty hotel room no problem. If you can’t hold these things in me, you can’t hold them in yourself, and if you can’t hold duality you’re literally missing one of the basic principles of life. 

I am definitely super privileged AND I also have taken every single opportunity to do the risky thing, the thing I was most terrified of, the things everyone else warned me not to do. At the end of the day, I feel good in my body and with myself. Because I listen to life and I trust it even when it’s the scariest. That’s why I have the experiences that I do. 

I really hate sex coaches who are like “s3x!” to hide from algorithms and who claim that your orgasms only come from your clitoris and who tell you to use lube no problem. The truth is that your body can get wet every time you have sex and you can have orgasms from any part of your body and even just from feeling your body. Oh, and your orgasms can be minutes long. 

I see my work as offering you an invitation. You don’t have to take it. It might not be a good invitation for you. But if you want to come along and you feel like there’s something in it for you, you’re welcome to join. 

My relationship is actually epic AF and I haven’t seen another relationship that compares to it. There aren’t hidden things you don’t know about. We are even more in love than we seem. I see a lot of leaders in unhealthy relationships who then condone that behavior in the people they teach and it’s annoying. You can literally have every single thing you want in a partner. 

I write poetry. I’m really good at it. I wrote two books and you can buy them. 

If you think I’m full of myself, I am. I adore myself and I listen to myself. Do you?

I hate people who say that anger is poisonous. I’ve been gaslit in many spiritual spaces, there’s no room for that here

I’m a Sag sun, Aries rising w a Capricorn stellium, an emotional projector, an ENFP, and a 7w8. All the things 🤣

I fiercely protect the people closest to me. I will not stand for your smallness.

I don’t love social media bc they always ban me so if you’re still reading this you should join my email list bc I share certain things only through there and sometimes I disappear from social.

You can do that below.


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