Some people are appalled I am not vaccinated

It has come to my attention that some people are appalled that I am not vaccinated.⁣

This has seemed to be actually very few of my followers since I think most of you know me by now but in case this is you I want to be very clear.⁣

I live my entire life based on my knowing in my body. ⁣

This is different than an unregulated nervous system response dictating my behavior (which is actually how I think most people live their lives). ⁣

I have followed my body and my knowing for many years now.⁣
I have unwound layers of trauma and ego in the way. ⁣
This knowing guides every decision I make and has led to a lot of magic in my life.⁣
My body’s signal is strong and her signal is clear. ⁣

It is not a logical decision. (Though my mind thinks my logic is quite sound).⁣
I value the knowing of my body much more than the knowing of my mind. ⁣
My mind is used in service to my body.⁣
Not the other way around.⁣

The human mind does not actually know very much. ⁣
I have had experiences in my body that would have our current medical world put me on drugs. ⁣
Our past medical worlds would have had me locked up in asylums or hung.⁣

I love medicine. ⁣
It is very helpful when I need it. ⁣
It has saved the lives of my family.⁣
I believe I get to choose when I want to put it inside myself.⁣

I do not think doctors are smarter than the knowing of my body.⁣
The knowing of my body has had millions of years to be developed.⁣
It is actually the most basic human instinct.⁣
It is long forgotten and most people are too detached from their bodies to access it. ⁣
Though it can always be remembered.⁣

I trust you to make the decision that is best for you and your body.⁣
I don’t really have an opinion that one thing is better than another.⁣
I think that anyone who claims they know for sure is afraid.⁣

I am not interested in or swayed by “the common good.” ⁣
I would never do something that I feel could be harmful to my body in order to help other people.⁣
Or to make other people feel better. ⁣
I actually find it really sad how many people have said they betrayed the knowing in their body to make other people feel better.⁣
So they did not have to argue with them or feel the sensation of disapproval.⁣

If there are things I cannot do because of my decision that is fine with me. Though it doesn’t actually make sense to me. ⁣
I am an adult and I am willing to play the game of life.⁣

My body is a No at this time.⁣

That is enough for me. ⁣
If you think I should do something my body is a clear No to then I am not sure why you’re here.⁣
I am letting you know so that if you don’t like it you can leave.⁣

I will not argue with you. ⁣
I am not interested in your opinion.⁣
I don’t care what medical decisions you make for yourself.⁣

Disrespectful messages will be deleted.


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