Solstice Bleeding

Winter Solstice.

My period was late and came today. Of course.

And the day was so unseasonably warm that I could walk barefoot outside and bleed into the forest floor.

Also of course.

Blessings are everywhere. This is the best first day of my period I have ever ever had.

I don’t know if it’s the herbs I’m taking or my boundary setting or the dance I did last night but it has been years since I did anything on this first day besides lie in bed in extreme pain.

Today I felt so aware of my body I was able to go to the gym.

I did a light day, and still.

When my belly cramped a little I said I know you are angry, I’m angry too.

And we were angry and in pain together and it felt orgasmic. At the gym.

Winter is a time of release and of planting seeds to grow.

I covered everything in my blood and wrote down things on paper and burned and buried it.

I took a salt bath with roses.

I said to my partner: this has been the best first day of my period of my entire life.

I feel like I am holding and loving and supporting myself and it feels so good.

Self nourishment is what allows me to hold others well.

Boundaries allow me to hold others well.

I ask for everything to be in dedication to Truth and for the highest good of all beings.

Roses and papaya and red for Venus, on Friday, the day of the goddess.

You can do your own ritual today.

Whether it is as simple as speaking out loud to the moon or as elaborate as roses and chocolate and blood magic.

Honoring Winter.

Or Summer, depending on where you are in the world.

Thank you life. For everything


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