She keeps looking for her / everywhere she is not
She keeps looking for Her⁣
Everywhere she is not. ⁣
In the climbing. The unending stairs of⁣
masculine success⁣
She fills up and spills out⁣
Mines herself for further ⁣
She puts on her makeup and pretty dresses⁣
and wonders where the dull ⁣
ache ⁣
is coming from⁣
The ache is what’s actually ⁣
calling her home. ⁣
It is a longing⁣
It wants her to open. ⁣
The exquisite relief of opening, of embracing, of being willing⁣
to experience it all⁣
She can feel it⁣
The fountain of her ⁣
Pure and total ⁣
Desire ⁣
Bubbles up. It pulls at her, the entire earth pulls at her⁣
Saying, there is more for you here⁣
It is true. ⁣
Come home⁣

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