She creates watercolor

She creates watercolor⁣

out of herself⁣

Her voice sounds sirens⁣
Woman in red⁣
her lips speak the spell of peaches⁣

Her body bleeds to remind her ⁣
she can choose to give life ⁣

and she can choose to take it away⁣

Hundreds of years go by⁣
and she is still sitting in the water, ⁣
blood on her face⁣
A bird, uncaring if anyone is listening⁣
she sings ⁣

All who hear⁣
come around⁣
Woman like water ⁣
They drink⁣

They drink to remember they can fill themselves, too⁣

She remembers them⁣
entering without desire⁣
Laying their claim⁣

But she is no one’s⁣

Her body molds⁣
Her body cleanses⁣

many phases⁣

They think they can control her⁣
She is quicksand⁣

Woman on fire⁣
all time is at once⁣
Her blood showing her grossness holds power⁣


She names it her own⁣
Mosquitoes rise⁣

You have her⁣
She whispers⁣
This woman⁣


She is there, inside⁣





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