When most people talk about the recession they say things like this is how you can spend less, shave some off here, some off over here. ⁣

Here are ways to be tighter, smaller, manage on less. ⁣

Here are ways to get your grocery bill down. ⁣
Here are ways to get your gas bill down. ⁣
Here are ways to use up what you have. ⁣

When I see the word recession I don’t take it into my body at all⁣

Recession is not my reality⁣

This isn’t like a bypassy affirmation although some people will want to read it that way. ⁣

It just isn’t part of the way I see my world and so I know it does not apply to me. ⁣

My world is full of HAVING MORE THAN ENOUGH. ⁣

I believe that everything only expands and grows greater. ⁣
I don’t believe in energetic tightening in any capacity. ⁣
Food, clothes, spaciousness, money.⁣

It might interest you to know that over here we do not use the word “expensive.”⁣

Complaining about the cost of anything is nowhere to be found. ⁣

A bill or a unexpected price tag or taxes are all met as a gift. ⁣

This must be asking me to step up and create more. ⁣

That is the only option. ⁣

Jordan and I will pay out about an extra $100k in home expenses this year⁣

When we found this out we looked at each other and said, ok, what if we just made it?⁣

And so we did. ⁣

A money belief I always heard other people say but could never figure out how to embody myself was “when I make more money everybody wins.”⁣
It felt abstract. ⁣

But actually this year I am finding it is true. ⁣

When Jordan and I make more money⁣
We pay for part of the lives of multiple different people & families. ⁣
We get to hire people and pay them well for doing work they enjoy. ⁣
We have more space and room to create ⁣
Which results in having more energy to offer our clients⁣
And more programs for everyone that follows us⁣
And we all rise together. ⁣

We think of wealth as this thing that only some can have. ⁣

And I’d invite you to shift your orientation to: what if we all could be wealthy? ⁣
What if we all could have more?⁣

You counting pennies is helping no one besides your own mind. ⁣

And if you think it is I wonder how much more it would help if you were making quadruple as much as you are right now?⁣

And I also wonder who you might be if you didn’t believe you had to help others to be valuable? But that’s another story 🤣⁣

I never feel victimized by the price of something. ⁣
Even if it is not a match yet. ⁣

The money is a fact⁣
Groceries going up is a fact⁣
Gas going up is a fact ⁣

They are just facts. ⁣
Complaining and pointing fingers keeps you stuck in the same spot. ⁣
Yelling about capitalism does the same. ⁣

It’s not your fault how much money you have, the money beliefs you have⁣

And you are the only one who can choose how you will relate to it. ⁣

Over here there is no recession⁣
Over here the p an dem ic was an opportunity ⁣
Over here everything is an opportunity. ⁣
Over here everything only continuously grows. ⁣

CASH is my husband Jordan’s new program.

The live teaching has ended… but you can still access it here.


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