#35: Pre-conception time, how I’m calming my nervous system, leaving social justice, expressing yourself fully, & how this affects the body

Episode description:

When we are living off of stress hormones, so much of the body is impacted. In my own journey I am in a place where even though I’m eating and nourishing my body well, because of the amount of time I spend on screens, rushing, and getting so much done (and just thinking about getting so much done!) my body is constantly in fight or flight.

I want to get pregnant around the end of next year and so I talk about how I’m calming my nervous system, who I’ve hired, and what I’m doing to support my body into its most fertile & nourished state. I also talk about the freedom that has come from realizing my views and speaking out about gender, leaving social justice and some stories around that, and why it’s so important for us to be able to express ourselves fully.

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