#16: Shadow pieces, going down when you need to go down, and me going through my past writing to show you where I was wrong about the feminine

Episode description:

Most people teach about the feminine in a way that is extractive. Using her to perform or to get something. And though it looks flashy it is not true or sustainable.

I talk about my own journey with this and even go through some of my past writing to show you where it was distorted. Same with polarity teachings and the performance there – they are used to create an artificial result.

I wrote things like “how to ask for things in a feminine way” and “how to be submissive” and “how to be more feminine” and I really break these down.

I never say “oh I’m in my feminine” anymore.

I also talk about a shadow piece I’ve been moving through and how I am working with it, the way our sex life has shifted, candlelit evenings, and other things!

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