#13: How I am thinking about food lately – what I’m buying, cooking, growing, and almost a year into ED recovery

Episode description:

I’ve landed in this really beautiful spot lately of figuring out how *I* want to eat. Slow food matters to me – while at the same time not being anti-anything.

In this episode I talk about everything I am currently thinking about food-wise – from snacks I’m eating, to where I’m buying food and what I’m buying, my next steps around growing food, prepping for any shortages, and most importantly my process around feeling into the truest way for me to eat, independent of anyone else’s opinion.

I am almost a year into my food journey (also known as All In, or eating disorder recovery), and I’m finally finding myself back toward the middle of the pendulum. This is really me talking about and exploring my philosophy around food. Jordan also pops in at the end to say hello 🤣

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