Pleasure is your birthright & this is why it matters

Your pleasure matters. Your pleasure has always mattered.

Your sex life will never be at its peak. Your capacity for pleasure can always be bigger.

And that is one of the biggest gifts of life.

The pleasure of women has been demonized for centuries. That’s why it can feel scary to wear whatever you want, to call attention to yourself, to say no to a way your body doesn’t love being touched.

It literally can register as dangerous to a part of us. Pleasure equating danger might seem strange, but it’s not strange. It’s what hundreds of your ancestors believed. It’s in your body, it’s in the messages your mother gave you.

The science behind explaining women’s bodies is so. new.

Women’s pleasure has barely begun to be researched. And yet doctors will come out with statements, like “most women can’t have internal orgasms” or “the g-spot doesn’t exist.”

These aren’t true. And yet, the point of claiming that all women can have basically infinite types of orgasms is not for you to feel broken, or inadequate.

Nothing is wrong with you or with your body.

But I want you to know that it is possible for you to experience more pleasure. Because I used to believe my sex life was fine. I used to have clitoral orgasms that were a couple seconds long, and that was great. And I also believed that I couldn’t orgasm any other way. That was also fine.

And then I learned how to connect with the sexual energy of my own body. I learned how to move it through my body, how to clear out past wounding, how to allow it to influence my life.

I can now have multiple internal orgasms, nipple orgasms, clitoral orgasms, even energetic orgasms – orgasm that happens without. even. being. touched. My orgasms today are MINUTES long. I never knew my body felt numb before, but because of how alive I feel today, I know that I used to feel numb.

This capacity of my body to experience pleasure returns me over and over again to myself. To who I am, to how significant I am. To a sense of power that comes from deep within myself. That cannot be taken away by anybody else.

The exact type of sexual desire you want to experience doesn’t matter. It does matter, in the sense that it will guide you deeper into your own body, but really it doesn’t matter.

Because the end result is that you will regularly be stunned on a regular basis about the ability you already have WITHIN YOURSELF.

When you regularly experience that the abilities of your body are fucking magical, and you realize that the only reason you haven’t experienced that yet is because you’ve been taught not to… the entire fucking world opens up.

A woman in touch with her full capacity for pleasure is a woman who shows up fully in every single area of her life. She is a woman not to be messed with. She knows her worth because she understands that anything life could bring her, anything anyone could offer her, is nothing compared with the gift she’s already been given – the ability of her body to merge with all of existence.

That’s what pleasure gives you. The strength and the willingness to take risks. The ability to set boundaries. The aura of someone who is intensely magnetic, who receives what she wants on a daily basis. The creative energy of the most prolific artist.

That’s why pleasure matters.

Pleasure is your birthright. No matter who you are, no matter what has happened to you. No matter what is happening in your life or in the rest of the world.

Pleasure belongs to you.


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