My perspective on veganism

Veganism is an avoidance of the cycle of life and death. ⁣

We live on Earth where our very existence is dependent on the death of other beings. It’s the same with every other living being. ⁣

Which do you think is more environmentally sustainable my grass fed beef that comes from the island next to me or your vegan burger made up of about 30 ingredients coming from all over the place?⁣

Veganism (and I also extend this to vegetarianism) is an eating disorder. ⁣

It is an excuse to cut out foods. The most nutrient dense foods on the entire planet. And we get to feel good about ourselves and imagine we feel good for eating in a way that is pure and correct. ⁣
Not to mention the dozens of ex-vegans (including myself) I have personally received comments from sharing how it was really just a secret excuse to eat less and to not get fat. ⁣

There are so many women I have seen who say they “recovered” from an eating disorder but now eat vegan. ⁣
No you didn’t recover. ⁣
You made it look more societally acceptable. ⁣

Not to mention how unnatural mass amounts of nuts and seeds are for your body. We are not birds. ⁣
Almond milk is a pitiful comparison to the miracle food that is cow’s milk. ⁣

People are like ewww!!! Milk from an animal! Eww! Meat! Eww! Raw liver dripping blood!!!⁣

What do you think your ancestors ate?⁣

Our beef for this entire year will come from one animal. ⁣
One animal that I personally have seen where it was raised and the land on which it lived. ⁣

The way we are boxing ourselves up and protecting ourselves from dirt and meat and blood are ruining our fertility, our future babies’ health, our vibrancy, our sense of ease and our ability to have a calm big nervous system. ⁣

You need animal foods for that. ⁣

Personally I think if you are vegan you should eat some McDonald’s. Get very up close and personal with the part of you that is so horrified by the fact that McDonald’s even exists. Because that part of you that you pretend isn’t there is actually the part that keeps systems like these in place. ⁣

Eat the McDonald’s until you are tired of eating it and it no longer holds any charge. Eat it until you have fully accepted and approved of the fact that you are part of the problem. ⁣

And then if you are able see what farmers are around you and get acquainted with the vibrant magical foods you may have never touched which include raw milk raw butter raw cream grass fed beef local eggs and liver. ⁣

Those used to be your birthright and they are the foods that truly nourish your system.


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