Masculine and feminine penetration

The masculine penetrates through the genitals. That’s where the feminine receives.⁣

The feminine penetrates through the heart. That’s where the masculine receives.⁣

Forcing a man to open up emotionally before he’s ready can feel similar to a woman being entered before she’s dripping wet and fully ready.⁣

And the lasting effects are the same. I see so many women who are completely disconnected from their pussies because of a lifetime of ignoring their boundaries.⁣

I see so many men who are completely disconnected from their emotions because of a lifetime of being told to keep them hidden.⁣

Women have more intense orgasms and way better sex when they feel completely safe.⁣

Men open up emotionally when they feel safe.⁣⁣

Creating safety and trust in relationships is most important.⁣⁣

Safety is created from presence and patience. Being incredibly present with your partner – noticing their breathing, their energy, their sounds, their smell – keeping your attention fully in that moment. Allowing things to move slowly – both sexually and emotionally.⁣

So many men have been hurt from women who claim that they want men to open up emotionally – but then when a man cries in front of them, they see him as weak and don’t like him anymore.⁣

This is the equivalent of a man saying he wants to have sex with a woman super quickly – then having sex with her and losing interest immediately.⁣

This only happens – in both cases – from people who haven’t done their work.⁣

This is obviously gender-normative. Take from it what most applies to you – you could be a person with a vulva who has a more penetrating (aka “masculine”) sexual energy.⁣

Create safety. Create trust. Cultivate presence. That’s where the magic comes from.


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