Last week I turned 27

Last week I turned 27⁣.

I decided I could have everything I wanted this year. ⁣

I chose myself. I chose my pleasure, even when it meant risking everything else.

I am in a love that feels so deep and complete that it often feels too magical and too unbelievable to express through words. ⁣

I have a business that somehow grows on its own even when I’ve barely written anything in two months and had my other account banned from this platform. ⁣

I now make money any time I want it. I’ve been healing my relationship with money, learning the shame society carries around it, learning what I was not taught about it. ⁣

I have been setting up a home in the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived. I’ve been cooking and choosing what bedspreads I want and having sex and resting. ⁣

I’ve been actually resting. My brother’s accident will be 8 years ago tomorrow. This feels like the first time since then that I have finally been able to deeply settle, now that I’m not constantly adapting to new people and new places. ⁣

I’ve been going to therapy, slowly processing through each loss I’ve experienced. Having a woman with grandmother energy witness each of my stories. One at a time. Pieces at a time. Really allowing myself to put them to rest, and grieve. ⁣

I’ve been coaching, only a couple clients at a time. People that light my heart up after each session. ⁣

Mostly I have been really allowing myself to surrender. To be in Winter. Not responding quickly to messages. Not picking up the phone. Prioritizing space. Allowing myself to sit on so many exciting things ready to launch (!) and ideas waiting to be created and saying: they will come out when I am ready. When it is time. ⁣

I want you to know that you can have anything you want. You can live life from a place of pleasure. You can adore your sex life. You can be in a relationship that inspires and thrills you. You can follow your passions and your creativity. You can create wealth. ⁣

All those things are possible.


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