Last night he drowned between my legs

Last night he drowned between my legs

Slurping, opening

around his face as she blossomed

The windows were bare

a straight path of sight for any curious


And his fullness was in my mouth.

Thick, throbbing

with the velvety soft skin, my

tongue playing with every fold

And then I remembered

I was not allowed to come.

A rule I had set for myself, days earlier

To not spill my sexual energy

To practice holding.

Easier, when entirely abstaining

More difficult, when bodies are


in one another

I reminded him of this

Lips expanding, swelling

Having to pause, breathe, move

energy through my system

So much

orgasmic energy

Feeling how quickly

I want to dump it

And we continued

praying to each other’s sex

An act of salty



And I stood up to get a condom

Body silhouetted in the dusk

She was huge, between my legs

Pulsing with every step

Slowly, I eased down on top of him

And was still

Holding him inside

On the living room floor

I turned around

Hair falling down my back

Hips straddling his

Every part of me wanting to let go

To come

just from feeling him

Taking deep breaths, expanding the energy wide

I paused many times

And turned back around,

his face in my breasts

my body melting over him

And I opened, deeper

Still breathing it through my system

Not allowing it over the edge

How much more sensitive my body is, than

years ago

Wanting to go over

at every moment

Tongue on tongue

Throat open

Hair around face

Buried in his neck

Over and over



and again

And he wanted to come.

Us both laughing at the idea

of me holding myself

while feeling him surge inside of me

An impossible task

But he came

My nipple in his mouth

thrusting deep into my wetness

His sounds

And I held it, just barely

Wrapped him in me

and then eventually

lay next to him

Feeling every piece

of skin

on my body

Feeling how any breath

could be an orgasm

How lit up

I was

I stood up, noticing the air

hit every curve

my legs brushing her

And it continued

every sip of tea

every bite of food

every new sensation

my bare legs

my clean sheets

my messages

threatening to throw me over

And still, this morning

Smelling bacon in bed

Every ounce of my body


full of orgasm

still living in my system

What happens if you hold it

This is day one



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