If you have a KNOWING

If you have a KNOWING⁣

If you know, deep down inside your body, that this is the next right thing⁣

And you ignore it⁣

That is the biggest disrespect to life. ⁣

Here she is, offering you ⁣


On a silver platter ⁣

Saying this is it, this is your next step⁣

And you turn. It. Down. ⁣

Because of what your MIND thinks. ⁣

Because you are afraid. ⁣

I cannot think of anything more disrespectful than that. More arrogant. More entitled. ⁣

Than thinking you know better than your deepest self. ⁣

Those moments. Those moments when the knowing reaches the darkest depths of your being and you cannot know what is on the other side but you KNOW. THIS is the next thing. ⁣

That is life presenting you with the opportunity for the wildest, most beautiful dream you could have ever imagined. ⁣

It’s her saying: if you trust me enough to jump off the cliff, I will take you where you didn’t even know you wanted to go. ⁣

I have plopped myself in other countries without any semblance of a plan. Have spent tens of thousands of dollars without backup money in the bank. Have left “great” relationships. ⁣

Because of this knowing. ⁣

And the synchronicities that happen after that – the old Greek lady who doesn’t speak English pulling you off the street for a sit down meal on your birthday without even knowing it’s your birthday, the meeting of your future husband, connection with lands that alter something deep inside you forever – THOSE are on the other side of that fear. ⁣

And you don’t get them unless you trust the knowing. ⁣

I think the saddest thing in the world is all the abandoned knowings. ⁣

When life presents you with a knowing it is because she is going to take you on a path you never could have imagined for yourself. ⁣

How could you turn that down? ⁣


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