I will do this until people are no longer shocked by it

I will do this every month until people are no longer shocked by it.

I will do it until little girls stop being taught that the natural functions of their bodies are disgusting and unclean.

I will do it until women stop feeling like they can’t have sex on their period because it is gross.

I will do it until we stop being embarrassed that we sometimes bleed through our clothing. Through your sheets.

The idea isn’t to get everyone to put blood on their face (though – wow – does it make your skin glow!)

Rather… if I do something soooo shockingly disgusting and put it out in public… maybe someone somewhere will feel like: “well, if she can do *that*, maybe I don’t have to hate my period after all. Maybe my body isn’t that gross after all.”

Also, it’s fun and I like it


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