I read an article yesterday that mentioned corpses had more rights than me, since they have bodily autonomy

I read an article yesterday that mentioned corpses had more rights than me, since they have bodily autonomy⁣

Corpses get to choose if they donate their organs to save lives, but not me. Not only did they vote no on abortion, but they voted no for exceptions on rape or incest. ⁣

How do you say no, it is a solid opinion that if this 10 year old’s father raped her she still needs to have the baby? ⁣

We say that when we still believe people are property⁣
And it’s not so different, no, than touching Black hair without consent or taking off your condom mid-fuck without telling or saying smile, baby, you’re prettier when you smile and my girl nah I don’t let her wear those things and I don’t like when she talks to other men ⁣
or bombing nations ⁣
or describing bodies as pieces of food you’d like to eat⁣

or saying everybody is overreacting I am not bothered by this not at all⁣

My ancestors have been silenced for a long time and I⁣
hold all of that in my skin. And it feels like if there was a solution maybe it’s just to peel off⁣
those pieces til I’m all blood because at least I know my Blood screams set me free⁣
every month without fail and even if it withheld and said I’m pregnant I would drink the ginger and juniper berry and tansy and I would say leave my body, baby because this world does not ⁣
deserve you ⁣

I don’t know. It feels like I could write something that is more media-friendly so people could say how uplifting and inspiring and share it with the world but I’m not feeling that way, and I never do⁣
I feel more in line with my dark side and you can bet that I would die before being silenced by any mediocre white man who thinks he’s in charge of the world ⁣
And that’s what they did, right?⁣
My ancestors. and the witches. They died. ⁣

Truly, I’m feeling pretty good. Anger is fuel when channeled appropriately⁣

Let’s not lie and pretend that these bills are only about women, they are to keep people of color in poverty and keep the white population producing⁣
Promote promote protest⁣
I’m wondering, if you aren’t speaking why you are staying silent


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