I get angry that there are teenage girls who think their bodies are untouchable

I do this because it still makes people angry that I do it. ⁣

They get angry that I’m touching my own body and claiming it as beautiful. ⁣

They are uncomfortable with the wildness, the grossness, the power… of womxn and our bodies. ⁣

They label it “crazy” and “disgusting.” They dedicate entire podcast episodes to it, entire articles and blog posts to tearing me apart. ⁣

It’s interesting, because I get angry, too. ⁣

I get angry that there are teenage girls and grown adults who think their bodies are untouchable.⁣

I get angry that they don’t receive pleasure because they worry about the way they look and smell. ⁣

I get angry that most people with vulvas are having orgasms that are only a few seconds long (if they have any at all). ⁣

I get angry that 1 in 3 women experience sexual assault. ⁣

I get angry that most of my life I was taught that my value was in the perfection of my body. ⁣

I think what is crazy and disgusting is that our society is living in a state where we are completely disconnected from our bodies, from the natural world, and from one another. ⁣

The world needs your wildness⁣

No more boxing yourself in. No more holding yourself back. ⁣

No more arbitrary definitions of what is “acceptable.”⁣

Society’s rules are making us insecure and numbed out and boring. ⁣

Who would you be… what would you *FEEL* … if you didn’t play by those rules anymore??⁣

Claim your wildness. Claim your aliveness. Claim your own pleasure. ⁣

You deserve to love your body and yourself. It’s yours. ⁣

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