I chose my healing

I chose my healing⁣

When everything fell apart around me ⁣

I chose to open⁣

I chose myself⁣

In the midst of expectations and threats of loss of love⁣

I chose my own journey⁣

When the world said be afraid⁣

I chose to say no, I won’t⁣

When the world said that is impossible⁣

I chose the reality where anything was possible⁣

I chose a life of magic⁣

I chose a love greater than my family system⁣

I chose a life that tastes sweet⁣

A life that blooms around me ⁣

I chose a world where I am valued⁣

A world where my gifts matter⁣

A world where magic happens with strangers⁣

A world where people love me⁣

There were many moments where I could have chosen differently⁣

Where I could have said yes, this is the way it has to be⁣

I could have bowed my head and played their reality⁣

I could have shrunk myself smaller and said I’ll protect your feelings instead⁣

I did not want to live a life of their choosing⁣

And I made a different choice⁣

I chose for me⁣

And I chose for my future family⁣

You don’t just stumble into a life of magic⁣

You choose it⁣

You choose in every little moment ⁣

You choose it when you let other people down⁣

You choose it when you say the uncomfortable thing⁣

You choose when you are willing to play with life⁣

You choose it⁣

You are the one who chooses to not collapse⁣

You are the one who says I will open⁣

You are the one who says I choose a world like this⁣

You are the one who imagines a world like this⁣

And so it is⁣


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