I am often suspicious when other people tell me they “have” to do something

I am often suspicious when people tell me they “have to” do something. ⁣

Because it is rare that something has to be done. ⁣

But I have work⁣
But I don’t have enough money ⁣
But this person needs my response⁣
But I said I would⁣

If you had a contagious illness and couldn’t get out of bed then what would you do?⁣

If someone close to you was in the hospital and might die what would you do?⁣

9.999 times out of 10 this would shift things for you. ⁣

You would have someone else do it. ⁣
You would say no. ⁣
You would say you know what, if I take two days (or months!) off the world will not end. ⁣

You would stop gripping to the scarcity. ⁣

Because life would finally be loud enough that you could give yourself permission. ⁣

You would finally have a “societally acceptable” reason to give yourself permission. ⁣

A way I have lived my life for a very long time is that I will not wait for life to make it so that I have a societally acceptable reason. ⁣

I won’t wait for it to force me. ⁣

My well-being. My rest. My fun. My joy. ⁣
The things I desire. ⁣
Are all just as important now as they would be if life forced me into them. ⁣

So if it’s true that I cancel something to rest I do it. ⁣
If it’s true to not respond I do it. ⁣

Funnily enough the more I have done this the more I see the infinite possibilities in every moment. ⁣

Nothing has to get done. ⁣

Anything could happen. ⁣

It is such an automatic thing now that I don’t have to think “what if I was sick” – I just treat my needs as important. ⁣

But I often think about that when someone tells me “I want this, but I just can’t.”⁣

What if your job fired you?⁣
What if you broke your leg?⁣
What if someone died?⁣

Because I guarantee you’d figure it out then. ⁣

Stop treating your desires as unimportant. ⁣

And look around at what other possibilities exist. ⁣


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