Here are some things you might not like about me

Here are some things you might not like about me:

These are just some things I think you should know ahead of time.

I eat meat. And use plastic and love Amazon and buy new clothes and I care about the earth a lot all at the same time.

I talk to trees and plants and rocks and all of the earth. And they talk to me.

My boyfriend currently pays for our lives. This will probably shift one day as we get closer to being married and combine things but for now it is fun and we like it.

I don’t donate money anymore. I did last year when I felt like I should be a guilty white person and dumped thousands of dollars all over the place.

(This isn’t to say I won’t donate ever again – but that if/when I do I won’t tell you and it won’t be coming from a place of guilt)

I’m not interested in saving anyone. From anything. You are totally allowed to create whatever you want in your own life.

I think safety is an internal experience pretty much all of the time.

I think women can get wet during sex without needing to use lube ?  WAP comes from releasing trauma and actually listening to your body.

I really don’t enjoy the terms “victim-blaming” or “shaming women” because I think people use them mostly to avoid taking responsibility.

I love men a lot and I can see the wounding women have with men from miles away. Bc it used to be me. That doesn’t last in my spaces.

I also really love money. I love making it and spending it.

I also am not at all impressed by money. There is very little sensation for me around it anymore.

I value my time and energy super highly. Not because I am so busy – but because I like to have lots of time to wander and do nothing.

I have clear boundaries and I will set them.

I wear a mask ?? and think it is a very simple easy non-harmful thing to do.

I have gone faaaar down conspiracy rabbit holes in the past and I am pretty much not at all interested anymore.

I think people who love conspiracy often have lots of wounding with men. I don’t care if there are elements that are true or not, my energy does not go into that place ever.

Also idk if I will get this vaccine. Not because of any conspiracy reason but because it feels a bit off in my body.

And I have really learned to trust my body above our medical system for so many reasons.

Which is not to say I won’t ever get it! Just that I’m not right now.

I change my mind about things often. I see this as a really good quality. This never happens from random internet people telling me what to do! It happens from the people I pay well in my life challenging me and from things I seek out.

I believe that we can disagree and still be friends.

I don’t really care what you think about any of these things as long as you do not try to push it on me or think I am terrible for it.

Juxtaposition is one of my favorite things about existence. Paradox does not bother me. I like that I can be so many opposing things at the same time. This makes sense to me.

I am in service to the energy coming through me. And that energy inside of you.

I will not give you a “curriculum” or a “plan” or tell you what you are going to get from our work together because I don’t know what that will be.

I follow the energy only because that is where the magic lies and I value that WAY more than anything anyone’s mind could plan.

And I actually won’t let you work with me if you can’t feel this.

I am feeling this biiiig energy of clearing out my spaces coming through right now and so if you do not like these things this is me giving you a clear invitation to leave.

Who knows what will fill this space but something big is coming.


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