her belly left the room

She let herself go

her hips spilled over the sides of chairs

her belly left the room

her breasts escaped and wisps of hair

rose up toward the sky 

Out in every direction

She let herself go

her legs became pillows 

her body remembered it was water 

And her skin began to cry

With relief. 

As it stopped trying to hold itself in and up and it was allowed to nestle into its folds and rest

She let herself go

her thighs became pie

Dark strands poked out of her nipples,

Her lips, her belly 

Her face felt the whole sun

Ribbons arched across her hips

And her waist formed mountains.

She let herself go

Moons showed themselves 

under her eyes

Her arms turned into piles of snow

And her body laid on itself 

And said thank you. 

And from their boxes, they whispered

She let herself go

And she smiled to herself

as she felt the whole earth 

in one being 

And she said Yes

Yes, I did. 


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