Feeling life all the way

In every moment there is a choice. ⁣

We can feel every sensation in our body, every emotion, every aspect of the moment fully. Being aware of the flow of life. ⁣

Or we can stay out of body. Pushing down emotion, saying no not right now, thinking and thinking and avoiding. Getting things done, thinking about anything else but what is happening right here. ⁣

Neither is more superior than the other. The second is a coping mechanism, a way we learn to distract from and manage our emotions. How we learn to function in a world that wants us to be anything but present. ⁣

But when we allow ourselves to be fully in our bodies then we come into the present moment and we feel what is happening right here, right now, in front of us. ⁣

Like life is swirling around and we are welcoming it in. ⁣

We are willing to feel every sensation, every emotion – energy in motion as it moves through our body. ⁣

The feeling of the breeze, the grief in our hearts, the beauty of the sky, the caresses of our tiredness. The rootedness of the earth beneath our feet, the vastness of the sky, the touch of the people that love us. ⁣

One of my favorite reflections I hear from people who work with me is that they notice how much they are able to feel and experience their lives fully. They say because of this work I felt this experience all the way. I was fully there, I let it alter me, permanently transform me. I let it move me and I felt every piece and I let it be seen. ⁣

This is what life offers us in every moment. The opportunity to feel it all the way. To be in life or to float through life, going through the motions without really participating. ⁣

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