Everything is adjusting

Everything is adjusting. ⁣

I just kept hearing that last night, stepping carefully through the rocks, ocean by my side. ⁣

Everything shifting, as you open. Rearranging itself. Falling into place. ⁣

All timelines. All layers of self. All possibilities.⁣

Everything, as you open, soften. ⁣

Saying, you have always had this. ⁣

Now you are feeling it. ⁣

Showing me that I can drop my patterns anytime. I can let it go, anytime. ⁣

The magic is right. Here. ⁣

What do you want?⁣

The surrender and the trust – that’s what creates it. ⁣

Choosing again and again to peel back the layers of my body, more. Radical safety in my own opening – not needing conditions to feel safe. Not needing conditions to open. ⁣

Opening in irritation. ⁣
Opening in annoyance. ⁣
Opening in cold. ⁣
Opening in discomfort. ⁣

Taking more and more responsibility – this is my practice right now. ⁣

Full and delectable responsibility for my own safety. My own experience. My own openness. ⁣

I drop into that with Jordan and imagine my entire body melting, and I watch him straighten, pierce me with his intensity of presence. ⁣

Any moment. ⁣
Any condition. ⁣

I can sense what a disrespect it is to the energy I carry, actually, to not take this responsibility. ⁣

How disappointed the world around me feels, when I don’t take the gift that is offered. ⁣

To say I want it but to turn it away, just because I “don’t feel like it.”⁣

To say, this form isn’t the way I want it to be. ⁣

I felt that with a tree I spoke to the other day, the one that only spoke in rhymes. Disgust in my body, a rejection. Why, I said. I can’t share this. I can’t post this. ⁣

That is the energy of an ungrateful child, actually. ⁣

I can feel it opening in my body now. ⁣

The ocean saying what a waste, to not allow this in every moment. ⁣

Every moment of pure and total aliveness. ⁣


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