Everybody has been lying to you

Everybody has been lying to you

They have been pretending they have life figured out.

They have been pretending that they do not have pain, that their pain does not bother them

They’ve been pretending they like their jobs

They have been pretending that they know what god is.

They have been pretending that religion and adherence to its books hasn’t caused a fucked up way of relating to the world and to people and women.

They have been pretending that society is fine, that it’s functioning well.

They’ve been pretending the planet is not warming and that the environment will be okay.

They’ve been pretending that they do not have desires, that some deep part of them does not long for wildness.

They’ve been pretending that our bodies don’t belong to us. That we need to look a certain way, and act in certain ways, to belong. That our bodies in their natural form are wrong.

They’ve been pretending that human beings were not designed for pleasure, for connection with nature, for time spent purely being.

They have been pretending so much…because they’re afraid of what it would mean if they dropped their guards and did not pretend any longer. It would turn their worlds upside down.

Some do not even know they still are.

You do not have to pretend any longer. In fact, the world and probably the existence of humanity depends on you not pretending any longer.

Speak your truth.

Give yourself pleasure and give yourself power.

Claim your unbrokenness.

And scream it from the fucking rooftops


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