Every moment of my life is filled with pleasure

Every moment of my life is filled with pleasure.⁣

Pleasure can be found in everything. There’s pleasure in the beauty of nature, in good food, in love – of course.⁣

But I also find pleasure in everything falling apart, in everything going wrong, in things like death and grief and everything not being perfect.⁣

Once, I had an energetic orgasm just from feeling how much a part of me loves feeling like my body is gross.⁣

This depth of feeling makes life incredible. It alchemizes everything into thriving. Low money in my bank account? mmmm. Feeling sadness so deep that my whole body is breaking open? Yes. Tension in relationships? It can feel good.⁣

This isn’t bypassing – it isn’t pretending that everything is hopeful and great. This is so often what I teach my clients – it is OKAY to feel all the feelings you are avoiding. ⁣

It is more than ok – it can be ecstatic. If you open up to it.⁣

When you step into pleasure you step out of resistance. If you constantly live in a state of resistance to emotion, you are in resistance to life. Life cannot flow through you, because you are resisting it.⁣

It is saying, here is the next step, here is the next thing to feel and the next movement – and you are stopping yourself from doing it. This makes us stuck and we are no longer moving in flow with life. And pleasure ceases.⁣

Pleasure comes from moving with the flow of life. It comes from total surrender to everything. To the pain. To the sadness. To the disgust. To despair. To anger. To shame.⁣

A super effective way to integrate this into your own body is to spend time around people who live their own lives from this place. You receive that transmission just from being around that energy.⁣

How can you add more of this to your life?


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