you’re drowning in the news (covid-19)

You’re drowning in the news

It sucks you in, like


but you chose it



This piece of you was already here

Waiting, underneath the surface


the part of you that knows

the earth is dying, humans

are already dying


It jumps at the opportunity to scream apocalypse

Order an emergency kit

Order food for thirty days


Just in case, you say. Just in case


but if you really needed it, all

would already be lost


A caged lion

The feeling leaps at the drip

feed of poison

Thinking it’s food

It’ll keep itself alive


Every hour of every day

Breaking, breaking

Important information you

Must know

To prevent dying


But we are all dying


Headlines crash your body








Down up down up down up down


You can’t turn it off, because then you wouldn’t



And knowing is not safer, but you 

can pretend it is


Since maybe it is the first time you are getting a glimpse of your insignificance

How vulnerable, you are

you don’t know how to grow your own food

Can’t catch or skin an animal

Can’t provide for yourself at all


You can panic, at this

or you can realize you’ve already known

This is how it’s been all along

the year was never protected


If you turn it off


If you turn it off, and notice how your world becomes quieter

maybe you will see your friends, after all

maybe we will be a community

Maybe you will wash your hands more

than before

Maybe you will still hug your friends, because human touch

boosts your immune system


Maybe you will notice how the dripping

Of panic

into your brain all day long

Was not serving a purpose at all


Maybe you will notice how you are at the mercy

of the systems



… as always


Maybe you will notice how you are okay


I wonder, if it happened

The way your panic says it could

If humans would band together, or if we’d





We’ve survived throughout history

because of the way we come together

because of cooperation



is the gift that comes out of quiet

is the gift that comes out of an overarching 



You choose how you respond

that is the medicine 


Turn off your drip feed


You don’t need it


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